DIN25201 Wedge Lock Washer

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DIN25201 Wedge Lock Washer


DIN25201 Dimension


DIN25201 Material

MaterialsOur Advice for you below :
Spring Steel:       SK5、SK7≤200°C,Under Normal Conditions
Stainless Steel :SS304、SS316≤500°C,Under Corrosive Conditions
              Customized as per clients' requirements 

DIN25201 Surface Treatments


DIN25201 Advantages

1, The highest security performance
2, To prevent the vibration and dynamic load caused by loosening
3, Easy to install and remove
4, Locking effect is not affected by lubrication
5, Regardless of the level of the pre tightening force has a good locking effect
6, Can control the level of pre tightening force
7, The same temperature characteristics with the standard bolt / nut
8, Can be used repeatedly

DIN25201 Application

Used in many industries: energy, transportation, marine, mining ,construction and bridge construction, manufacturing, processing, shipbuilding, forestry and agriculture, heavy vehicles and military.
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